Neurosteroidal Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury

The insidious damage caused by traumatic brain injury has emerged from the shadows and is receiving the medical focus it requires. 

Much of this change has occurred due to two of the main victims of traumatic brain injury—soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and impact sports that include football and boxing.

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Episode #40 Cigars & Sea Stories

Cigars & Sea Stories: Episode 40

Listen in to Cigars and Sea Stories episode #40 as Andrew talks about WAF and Green Beret methods he applies to the foundation and everyday life to achieve success.  Cigars and Sea Stories are a bunch of fun loving former Marines who are passionate about Veterans and continue to serve the community by sharing candid stories of and with Veterans who are adding VALUE to the world.

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Dr. Gordon and Andrew Marr Break Down the Science and Benefits of TBI Treatment

Warrior Talk Radio features Warrior Angels Foundation

Tonight on Warrior Talk Radio we will be joined by Dr. Mark L Gordon. Dr. Gordon is the Medical Director of Millennium Health Centers, Inc. Dr. Gordon has been a consultant to the Medical Board of California in Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, and Alternative Medicine. His work has been featured by many major publications to include ESPN and Life Extension Magazine.

Andrew Marr is a husband, father, entrepreneur, former Special Forces Green Beret, founder of Warrior Angels Foundation, and current patient of Dr. Mark L Gordon.

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