The science is there for veterans with TBI/PTS

Part 3 - Kim Dvorak series covering the Warrior Angles Foundation: Last week the Veterans Affairs Department announced that 24,000 post-9/11 veterans with traumatic brain injuries who were denied disability compensation by VA between 2007 and 2015 might have another chance to receive their benefits.

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TBI/PTS study dispels fallacies about injury and treatment

Part 2 - Kim Dvorak series covering the Warrior Angles Foundation: The more we sweat in peace the less we bleed in war, is the maxim that drives US military training. The reality is that training is so realistic and dangerous that many troops are killed and injured during training preparations for war. But realistic and intensive training helps to dispel the “fog of war” so that in the face of adversity battlefield decisions will ultimately save lives.

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Warriors take the offensive against Traumatic Brain Injury/Post-Traumatic Stress


Part 1 - Kim Dvorak series covering the Warrior Angles Foundation: Andrew Marr comes from a military family. He wanted to be an NFL player, but a promising college career ended in injury and then 9/11 changed the world, as he knew it. Andrew decided to give the Army his athletic ability and he became a member of the coveted Green Berets, specializing in the forced entry of terrorist enclaves using explosives.

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Neurosteroidal Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury

The insidious damage caused by traumatic brain injury has emerged from the shadows and is receiving the medical focus it requires. 

Much of this change has occurred due to two of the main victims of traumatic brain injury—soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and impact sports that include football and boxing.

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