We Don't Raise Awareness, We Solve Problems


The Warrior Angels Foundation will cease to exist come January 1, 2020.

We are helping forever change the way Traumatic Brain Injuries are diagnosed and effectively treated.

Warrior Angels Foundation refuses to exist or raise funds after we accomplish this mission.

We Are Exponential Entrepreneurs 

Steven Kotler defines exponential entrepreneurs as, “An exponential entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who is leaning on exponentially accelerating technology — so network sensors, AI, robotics, synthetic biology, 3D printing — these technologies that are all on exponential growth curves. They’re also relying on what we call exponential psychological tools. These are ways to think at scale, flow states, things along those lines. Things that let entrepreneurs to scale up their mental game like never before. And finally they’re also using exponential crowd-power tools. These are crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, centerprises, and community building, right, that let entrepreneurs get access to capital, get access to expertise, really scale up their reach farther than ever before. So an exponential entrepreneur is people who are using these three kind of categories to level up."

Unlike governments, we’re a small decentralized, adaptable, strike force team who is applying Steven Kotler’s six D’s of exponential growth (explained further in future blog) to improve TBI diagnosis and effective treatment.

No bureaucracy, No red tape, No research projects, No BS.

The Future Of Medicine

Imagine being able to effortlessly draw a drop of blood from a finger prick (like current diabetics) and place that drop of blood on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) micro chip.

The chip which is wirelessly connected to a internet cloud server, is able to instantly compare your lab results with the data of millions of other patients. An AI program then provides accurate health diagnostics and if needed diagnoses illness and instantly recommends treatments based on your specific needs.

Imagine preventing illness based on your genetic predisposition of certain diseases. Computer learning programs like IBM’s WATSON has the ability to recommend how to best treat health issues based on individualized needs, pulling from best practices ranging from the inception of recorded data to present day, and in seconds.

Imagine this technology as being as affordable and common as cell phones are today. All this while never leaving your home. It’s coming!

The Warrior Angels Foundation

Warrior Angels Foundation isn't impressed with the current state of Veterans’ Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patient care.

So… instead of waiting for someone else to change it we decided to act!

We sought out to find an alternative way to provide world class care to veterans affected by TBI, and we did it.

Our solution treats the underlying condition in a FRACTION of the time for a FRACTION of the Veteran Administration's (VA) cost.

Dr. Mark L. Gordon and the Warrior Angels Foundation have formed a partnership to revolutionize the devastating impact of traumatic brain injury on our Veterans. Dr. Gordon’s clinical approach is changing the way we think about traumatic brain injuries, their symptoms - and how to treat them effectively.

Check out www.warriorangelsfoundation.org for more information on Warrior Angels Foundation, Dr. Gordon and his clinical approach to diagnose and treat TBI, or to fill out a new patient intake form.

Our Success

Most of our patients start experiencing a response within weeks of beginning their personalized protocol. Many return to their pre-injury status after 6 months. The success of the Millennium-TBI program has been in the use of protocols that step outside the conventional boundaries of modern medicine but stay within the confines of science.

Patient Success Stories

Andrew Marr founded the Warrior Angels Foundation, is a former Special Forces Green Beret, and current patient of Dr. Gordon's. You can hear his amazing story here.

Matthew Gosney is a former Navy Corpsman and current patient of Dr. Gordon's, you can hear his amazing story here.

Wanted: Bold Supporters

Join our easy and fun opportunities to get in the game.

Start your own community fundraiser or make a tax exempt contribution on our website.

We understand that some will be unable to contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

Spread the word! Like and share this blog and our Facebook page. Visit our treatment page if you would like to receive treatment.

TBI and PTS have been called the signature wound of the war.

Conventional treatment continues to be founded on medication and psychotherapy.

This is clearly not improving quality of life.

We don’t raise awareness, we solve problems.

De Oppresso Liber,

Andrew Marr

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