We Are Bold, We Can't Afford The Alternative

Missions/objectives of high importance must be pursued no matter the probability of success, and without fear of failure. Our mission is of high importance. I have received a lot of feed back on our decision to announce the termination of the Warrior Angels Foundation (W.A.F) prior to 2020. The W.A.F in conjunction with some other BOLD individuals are changing the way we think about traumatic brain injuries, their symptoms - and how to treat them effectively.

We can’t afford the alternative. After we accomplish the mission, instead of sucking up resources we’re disbanding. We don’t raise awareness, we solve problems.

By 2020

Our 5-year plan is based on establishing our endorsed treatment program within the Military health care model and the Veterans Administration (VA).

Immerging technology will cut current diagnostic and treatment costs while expediting the entire process.

Our progress with the Military and the VA will be discussed in detail later this year.

In the mean time W.A.F continues to stand in the gap getting our wounded proper treatment. We currently have over 400 Veterans on our waiting list to receive treatment.

We will stand in the gap until we have helped to change the current treatment model within the Military and the VA and until the immerging technology is readily available for commercial use by all.

Unlike any charity or non-profit that I’m aware of, W.A.F is creating solutions to improve an entire system before 2020, announcing it in advance, while promising to shut down after the mission has been accomplished.

Is that a bold statement? You bet!

Is it worth the risk? Considering the alternative, YES!

What We Do

W.A.F uses cutting edge technology to get Veterans affected by TBI access to a personalized treatment protocol using individualized assessments supported by evidence-based diagnostics to pinpoint and treat the underlying condition, and without having to physically go to a doctor’s office.

How We're Different

We offer what the status quo does not.

Our endorsed program is less expensive then the VA, by a lot.

A 2012 Congressional Budget Report (CBO) found the VA spent close to $15k per Veteran who had both TBI and PTS, see page 8 of report. Our model is about 5k in year one and less in year two.

The founder of W.A.F is a former Special Forces Green Beret. Having incurred numerous TBI’s I know the current treatment model well, but more importantly I understand the systems short falls and what life is like with a brain injury.

Dr. Mark L. Gordon

Is the Medical Director of Millennium Health Centers, Inc. -- Medicine for the 21st century, in Encino California. Dr. Gordon has been a consultant to the Medical Board of California in Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, and Alternative Medicine (1998 – present). His work has been featured by many major publications to include ESPN and Life Extension magazine. Click here for more info.

The W.A.F Endorsed Millennium-TBI program is based upon:

  1. Detecting the hormones that are affected.

  2. Replenishing those affected hormones to physiologic levels.

  3. Using safe bio-identical or bio-equivalent hormones.

  4. Working with experts to safely decrease or stop any medication that is masking the superficial symptoms.

  5. Regaining your trust in the ability of our physicians, to provide specific care for your condition and not just a band-aide.

Millennium-TBI program success

Most of our patients start experiencing a response within weeks of beginning their personalized protocol. Many return to their pre-injury status after 6 months. The success of the Millennium- TBI program has been in the use of protocols that step outside the conventional boundaries of modern medicine but stay within the confines of science.

Andrew Marr founded the Warrior Angels Foundation, is a former Special Forces Green Beret, and current patient of Dr. Gordon's. You can hear his amazing story here.

Matthew Gosney is a former Navy SEAL and current patient of Dr. Gordon's, you can hear his amazing story here.

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TBI and PTS have been called the signature wound of the war.

Conventional treatment continues to be founded on medication and psychotherapy.

This is clearly not improving quality of life.

We don’t raise awareness, we solve problems.

De Oppresso Liber,

Andrew Marr

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